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Wow that was a lot of fun. I played this for like 15 minutes without even realizing it. I love being able to move so swiftly with the grappling hook. if you made this into something larger I would buy it :)

I actually really love the idea of this game. It reminds me of space movies when people float out of the ship. As far as the execution, it isn't clear to me how the game ends. I can't tell if I let too many enemies by or if time ran out. I think it would be more fun if the game was longer and had more enemy types. But the core concept and gameplay is incredibly awesome.

Thank you! The game was heavily inspired by those scenes when people were floating outside the spaceship in space, so I'm glad I got that across in the game! 

The current build of the game doesn't really have an ending, you're just supposed to survive and gather points. If I continue working on this game I will make sure to add a proper ending or goal and make it clear to the player.

The game ends when your ship is out of health, the health bar can be seen at the top of your screen. When an enemy attacks the spaceship's "core"(blue cylinder to the left from where you spawn) the ship will take damage.  I will look in to a way of making this clear when playing as I realize that this is not obvious to the player.

I definitely agree that the game needs more enemies and varied gameplay, so that it doesn't get boring so quickly.

I am glad that you enjoyed the core concept and gameplay as I am pretty happy with it :)